Homeland Environmental
Tim Shotzberger
Tim is an accomplished real estate inspection professional and REALTOR®, with an expertise in well, septic, sewer, radon and mold testing and analysis. He has thorough knowledge of the real estate transfer process, State and Local regulations in Maryland and Pennsylvania as well as environmental constituents. He is a licensed Well Pump Installer through Maryland Department of the Environment’s State Board of Well Drillers and the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

He has served on many associations and committees, most notably as the current President Elect for the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors (GBBR) where he won Affiliate of the Year in 2017 and  graduated from Maryland REALTORS® Leadership Academy in 2018. Tim is a major contributor to the REALTORS® Political Action Committee and GBBR’s Charitable Foundation. Tim teaches continuing education electives for real estate professionals through several licensed schools and associations. He served on the board for the Maryland Onsite Wastewater Professional Association (MOWPA) for over 9 years including 2 years as Treasurer. He is a former Instructor for the MOWPA Septic Inspector’s Course which is required in order to perform septic evaluations for the purposes of real estate transfers in Maryland.

Tim received degrees in Economics and Finance from Salisbury University in 2000. Prior to starting Home Land, he earned experience as an Acquisitions Analyst with Wind River Environmental when they were a startup. As acquisitions slowed, he moved onto a Branch Manager role with the company’s Northern Virginia territory.  Wind River has since acquired a total of 90 companies and become the nation’s largest full service non-hazardous liquid waste management service provider.  Tim expanded his field experience with a local Maryland company, Fogle’s Septic, until 2004 when he started Home Land Environmental.