Homeland Environmental
Lead Instructions

If we are coming to your property to collect a lead sample, it is very important that you follow these steps PRIOR to our visit.

If the house is vacant, we suggest running the cold water from the kitchen faucet for one hour the day before the sampling. If the home is occupied, this is not necessary. However, the homeowners should put a towel over their kitchen sink the evening prior to sampling and should not run any water from the kitchen sink until the sampling is taken. We must be the first to run water from the kitchen sink on the day of our sampling.

PLEASE NOTE: If the lead instructions are not followed, an $100 collection fee will be assessed if a return trip is needed to accurately collect the lead sample.

How often should I clean/pump my tank?
Why do you advise not to pump a Septic Tank prior to the evaluation? What is the reason?
How does bacteria get into the well?
Is the low PH an issue or just something to manage?
We are getting a strong sulfur smell from the water and I was wondering if you know what that might be from or how to take care of it?
I have an odor in my house that smells like it might be the septic?
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Arsenic maps
Click here for a specific breakdown of water quality problem areas in Anne Arundel County
Looking to Add Continuing Education Classes in your Office?
Home Land offers the following continuing education electives at NO CHARGE. We teach through accredited schools, offices and associations throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our instructors hold certifications from Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), the McCrone Research Institute, Maryland Onsite Wastewater Association (MOWPA) and Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA). As active affiliates for Realtor boards through MD and PA, we are proud to provide education in our area of expertise.

Contact Laura Barnaba for course outlines, instructor bios and/or course availability at (443) 995-5385 or Laura@homelandhealthyhomes.com.

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