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Homeland Environmental
Our Story
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Home Land Environmental has been serving Maryland for 15 years. Our business is strictly focused on well and septic testing for the purposes of real estate transactions. We do not provide services for remediation, which has allowed us to problem solve without outside influences. Home Land Environmental is completely impartial in the evaluation of your systems.

We are proud to say that we do not benefit from any remediation we see as necessary during our evaluations. We are strictly focused on evaluating and explaining current and potential problems with your well, septic and/or water systems.
Our Environmental Mission
Core Values

We maintain a results-driven team that expects to consistently meet or exceed our own high standards for performance, service, and value for our clients, the company, and our employees.

Our reputation for high quality service and professional integrity is our most important assets. HLE fosters a culture of teamwork, mutual respect, and efficiency, creating an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel. A strong work ethic is essential for success, but employees should also have fun at work and enjoy their job.

Environmental Commitment

Reducing the negative environmental impact of our operations, and always managing our businesses to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources and promote sustainability. Helping customers and employees create a legacy by providing education, and resources to limit the environmental impact of OSDS systems. Create conducive workplace conditions that help all employees take personal responsibility for protecting the environment by promoting application of this policy to day-to-day activities at the workplace as well as at home.
Our Team

Administrative Team

Jessica Harrington
Human Resources Manager

Holly Dennis
Scheduling Team Manager

Laura Barnaba
Director of Operations

Alissa Cook
Customer Service Representative

Jen Muir
Customer Service Representative

Stephanie Witte
Customer Service Representative

Heather Mazza
Accounting Specialist

Our Field Team

Eric Garrett
Technical Development Trainer

David Vincent
Environmental Inspector Team Leader

Nick Riehl
Environmental Inspector Team Leader

Scott Thompson
Environmental Inspector Team Leader

Jon Blevins
Environmental Inspector

Adam Brown
Environmental Inspector

Jason Jamison
Environmental Inspector

Drew Henderson
Environmental Inspector

Tyler Young
Environmental Inspector

Derek Bodell
Environmental Inspector

Matt Riehl
Environmental Inspector

Matthew Vender
Environmental Inspector

Ben Anderson
Environmental Inspector

Austin Soto
Environmental Technician

Our Lab Team

Kevin Barnaba
Lab Director

Denise Butera
Lab Director (Waldorf)

Pam Maloy
Lab Analyst

Michele Kanary
Lab Technician

Alyssa Deares
Lab Technician

Amanda Mathis
Lab Technician

Erin Woodward
Lab Technician

Tiffany Oxendine
Administrative Specialist

Leah Fedele
QA/QC Specialist