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A Letter From Our President

Many of you have already heard our exciting news. We recently changed our name to Home Land Environmental.

You have known us as Home Land Septic Consulting for over 14 years.

Since then we have expanded into water sampling, well yield testing, sewer inspections and the opening of Home Land Environmental Health Labs, performing water analysis and radon in the air testing. We are no longer Home Land Septic Consulting because we are so much more. Our new name and logo are symbols of the changes to come. Our goal is not to redefine ourselves, but rather to better describe who we are.

The direction we took was a direct result of the feedback we received on why our company adds value for the people who hire us. The feedback that dramatically stood out above all others was that our company was a true, neutral third party. Our clients appreciate that we do not profit from the problems we find as a result of our evaluations. Although different than my hypothesis (that we cater to property transfer needs and the real estate community), I feel they are deeply connected. For Home Land Environmental to continue expanding on what makes us successful, we could not engage ourselves in the business of remediation. We do perform well chlorinations and can provide consultation and design for new or replacement septic systems. However, we stand clear of performing septic repairs, well drilling or installing water conditioning systems.These avenues are not a part of our growth plan. Instead, we decided to invest and add more value for our current customers.

As I type this, I can hear my Strategic Management Professor at Salisbury University scolding me for leaving such obvious revenues on the table during an expansion point of our company’s life cycle. I would explain to him that instead of moving towards quick and easy revenue, we are instead building a better base of what has already been very successful for us. Our water lab provides results in just 1-2 business days versus other labs providing results in 3-5 business days.In an industry where time is of the essence, we are succeeding. By combining our most comprehensive services into lower priced packages like our “Healthy Homes Package” and “City Slicker Package” we are providing the most diligent environmental inspections at a lower cost than home buyers have ever paid. The economies of scale, expansion of additional services and the opening of our lab have ALL allowed us to do this. I think if I could explain this to myProfessor he would certainly agree with the direction that we are taking. We are building our company to last.

For those of you purchasing a home or representing home buyers and/or sellers, we hope we have the pleasure to work with you. More details on our packages are available here: https://www.homelandhealthyhomes.com/services-featured-packages.

Best Regards,

Timothy M. Shotzberger

President, Home Land Environmental

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