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Benefits of a Camera Septic Inspection
Offering a camera septic inspection is just one more way that Home Land Environmental seeks to provide a wide range of valuable services to our clients. Here, our septic experts explain why a camera septic inspection is the best choice for your septic system’s health.

A Camera Septic Inspection is More Thorough

Choosing a camera septic inspection is more comprehensive than a standard septic inspection and allows the inspector to thoroughly analyze the potential problems that may be present in your septic system. During a camera septic inspection, a thin, flexible fiber optic camera is sent through both the front and back plumbing lines to investigate potential clogging points and provide a well-rounded inspection of the septic system.

At Home Land Environmental, our camera septic inspection also includes an excavation of the back end of the septic tank, as well as the distribution box when it is accessible. The distribution box serves to manage the waste that is flowing through the septic system by diverting waste through various trenches. The key to peak functionality of your septic system is a distribution box that can evenly conduct wastewater throughout the drain field, and a malfunctioning distribution box can lead to overloading, clogs, poor drainage and more. By inspecting the distribution box, our septic inspectors can ensure one of the most critical parts of your septic system is functioning as it should be.

A Camera Septic Allows You to Make Informed Decisions

One of the most vital assets when choosing a new home or other piece of real estate is a well-functioning septic system that will be able to accommodate your needs. The septic system is where all the waste from your home—whether via the toilet, sink, shower or drain—is filtered and dispersed in a safe and sanitary way. A camera septic inspection provides a better accounting of the size, location and quality of a prospective home’s septic system, ensuring you can make the most informed decision before making a major investment.

Additionally, a camera septic inspection provides you with real-world evidence of your septic system’s malfunctions. At Home Land Environmental, we provide a Dropbox file of the camera recording we take, allowing our clients to make an informed decision based on the facts and real-time observations of their own septic system.

A Camera Septic Allows You to Build a Pool, Deck or Other Structure for Your Home

Camera septic inspections are not only a valuable choice for homeowners but may also be necessary depending on the type of structures you wish to build on your property. Many counties require a camera septic inspection before homeowners build a pool, deck or other outdoor structure. This helps to ensure that contractors will have accurate measurements of the septic system and know where they are able to build. It can also help to ensure that any septic concerns will not negatively impact the new structure on the property.

Discuss a Camera Septic Inspection with Home Land Environmental Today

The health of your septic system is vital to the well-being of your home and family, and a camera septic inspection is the best way to ensure your septic tank, drain field and distribution box are all functioning at maximum capacity. Home Land Environmental are some of the leading septic experts in the Maryland and Pennsylvania region, having provided septic, well and water sampling services for over a decade. To schedule a camera septic inspection, contact us today!

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