Homeland Environmental
Job Postings

Licensed Wastewater/Water Operator

Central and Southern Maryland

Knowledge of operating a water treatment and distribution system.   Knowledge of wastewater systems is preferred, but not required.  General knowledge of mathematics, plumbing, and electrical controls, with the ability to accurately read gauges, meters, level indicators, etc. Experienced in taking samples, using testing equipment to analyze samples and make recommendations based on results. Experience in the fields Water Treatment and Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Treatment or Industrial Maintenance is a plus. Water Operator Certification is required.  Wastewater Operators Certification is a plus, but not required. Experienced in performing maintenance, repairs and construction work on these systems. Perform other related duties as required.  High school diploma is required. Considerable knowledge of potential hazards associated with this work, with ability to recognize and implement appropriate safety precautions. Effective spoken and written communication skills, including the ability to prepare and maintain clear, concise and accurate forms and reports. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and clients.

Resumes can be submitted to Careers@homelandhealthyhomes.com.