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Mold Analyst

Towson, MD

Day-to-day operations include, but are not limited to, identifying and analyzing fungal mold spores using a Leica 750DM P microscope and logging samples into our Lab Information Management System (LIMS). Mold samples will be prepared for analysis in accordance with the Home Land Labs’ Standard Operation Procedures, Quality, and Safety Manual. Slides will be prepared from air cassettes, swabs, and tape samples. Identification of genus/group of fungi in prepared samples, as well as other common genus/species of fungi that are reported. Able to identify common building and outdoor fungal spores with the use of reference pictures and external documents, i.e. attachment point of Cladosporium. Basic microscope-related terminology and fungal spore analysis terminology required. Will follow the procedure to retain and properly dispose of samples. Will prepare laboratory reports for clients after inputting data including raw counts, calculating final results, and reporting results to clients. Complete daily and monthly Quality Assurance checks as assigned. General customer service via phone and email is required. Will have the opportunity to attend training classes in areas of biology, radon, water chemistry, mold collection and mitigation, microbiology, quality assurance, laboratory safety, and MDE/EPA protocol. Perform routine maintenance and housekeeping on equipment and the laboratory. A bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry, or Chemistry is required in addition to basic microscope knowledge. Candidate must have strong time management skills, exhibit flexibility, and be an honest, reliable person.

Resumes can be submitted to Careers@homelandhealthyhomes.com.