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The two most important resources to human life are the air you breathe and the water you drink. Unfortunately, both the air and water can become exposed to contaminants that cause disease. Home Land Labs is dedicated to ensuring the water you drink and the air you breathe is safe so that you and your family can live a long and healthy life. We are Maryland certified via MD LAB ID #353.

Home Land Labs, provides us the opportunity to expand our services to water and mold analysis and sampling, and radon testing. We now offer weekend hours for water samples to be dropped off at the lab on Saturday from 9:00 am —3:00 pm |  Sunday drop-offs may be available upon request.

Based minutes from Baltimore in Rosedale, Home Land Labs has been servicing Maryland since 2004.  
Counties We Service
Home Land Labs services the following areas:
  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
  • Calvert
  • Carroll
  • Caroline
  • Cecil
  • Charles
  • Frederick
  • Harford
  • Kent
  • Montgomery
  • Prince George's
  • Queen Anne's
  • Saint Mary's
  • Talbot
  • Washington
  • Adams (PA)
  • Chester (PA)
  • Lancaster (PA)
  • York (PA)
Water Sampling
Standard Packages

Potability Package
Just about any mineral or impurity can be tested for in water. However the most common sample group is called the Potability Water Sample, also sometimes referred to as “Chemical and Bacteria Testing.” Should there be a problem, water conditioning units are available for any impurity found in the water. Most lenders require the potability water sample. It tests for:
•   Bacteria
•   Nitrates + Nitrites
•   pH
•   Turbidity

Fee: $120
Turnaround Time: 2 Business Days

•   Potability+
•   Nitrites
•   Lead
•   Iron

Fee: $190
Turnaround Time: 2 Business Days

Additional Packages
Premier Package: Gross Alpha and Radon
Fee: $250

Chesapeake Package: Arsenic and Gross Alpha
Fee: $205
Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days

Protect your Plumbing Package: Chlorides, Iron, Hardness, pH- Commonly found impurities that can damage
plumbing which could cause leaching of other contaminants that adversely affect health.
Fee: $165

Other Impurities
An $80 sampling collection fee will be assessed in addition to the charges below:
$100 fee for Berks, Bucks, Chester, Kent, Montgomery, St. Mary’s, Talbot, Washington and Washington DC.

Water Sampling Chain of Custody Form

What We Test For

Required by most VA/FHA/ USDA underwriters. Caused by corrosion of household plumbing systems or hardware and erosion of natural deposits. Can lead to slowed mental development and kidney problems. Lead Instructions will need to be followed.
Fee: $50
Turnaround Time: 2-3 Business Days

Lead Instructions
If the house is vacant, we suggest running the cold water from the kitchen faucet for one hour the day before the sampling. If the home is occupied, this is not necessary. However, the homeowners should put a towel over their kitchen sink the evening prior to sampling and should not run any water from the kitchen sink until the sampling is taken. We must be the first to run water from the kitchen sink the day of our sampling.

Possible staining on plumbing fixtures and laundry — required by most VA/FHA underwriters.
Fee: $40
Turnaround Time: 2 Business Days

Gross Alpha
Picks up alpha emissions from Radium and other radionuclides, such as Uranium. Can cause an increased risk of cancer.
Turnaround Time: 6  Business Days

Radium 226/228
Increased risk of cancer. Recommended if Gross Alpha results are 5-15 pCi.
Fee: $180
Turnaround Time: 10  Business Days

Howard County Radium Map
Anne Arundel County Radium Map
Baltimore County Radium Map

Wells located in Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, the Eastern Shore and Anne Arundel County including Mayo, Edgewater, Arnold and Annapolis.
Fee: $40
Turnaround Time: 3 Business Days

Resulting from pipes and industrial waste. Primarily found in the Coastal Plains; Eastern Shore, Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s Counties. Can possibly lead to kidney damage.
Fee: $40
Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days

Chlorides are commonly found at properties near tidal water and roadways that are treated with road salt in the winter.
Fee: $35
Turnaround Time: 2 — 3 Business Days

Presents issues with the "feel" of the water.
Fee: $35
Turnaround Time: 3 Business Days

(Volatile Organic Compounds) Testing for gas and chemical leaks, which can increase the risk of cancer. VOC’s is a test that covers the entire spectrum above and beyond MTBE’s which is mainly used for finding gasoline.
Fee: $195
Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days

Radon in the Water
The EPA does not currently have a pass/fail level, but under 4,000 pCi/l is the most common acceptable level.
Fee: $50
Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days

Fee: $40
Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days

Recommend testing for lead too. Corrosion of household plumbing systems; erosion of natural deposits.
Fee: $25
Turnaround Time: 4 Business Days

Sources are run-off from fertilizer use, leaking septic tanks, sewage, and erosion of natural deposits.
Fee: $30
Turnaround Time: 2 Business Days

Typically from soil run-off.
Fee: $15
Turnaround Time: 1 Business Day
Radon Testing
Radon in the Air
Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless and therefore cannot be detected by our senses.  Radon is a health threat because the gas can accumulate in homes and cause lung cancer.  It is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

$140 — 48 Hour Continuous Monitor Test

The EPA has a set 4.0 pCi/L as the Action Level to correct your home. Because there are no safe levels of radon, it is recommended that a home be corrected for level between 2.0 – 4.0 pCi/L. Click here to see a map showing the risk of radon in your area.  It should be noted that radon can occur anywhere and even a home located in the low risk area can accumulate gas above the EPA Action Level.

When should you test your home for radon:
•   If you have not had your home tested for radon, do so as soon as possible.
•   If you are purchasing an existing or new home.  A radon test is required when selling a home in Montgomery County.
•   If you have had your home tested and levels were between 2.0 – 4.0 piC/L consider testing your home again as radon levels can fluctuate.
•   If a radon mitigation system was installed on your home, it is recommended that you test your home every two year to ensure the effectiveness of the mitigation system.

Home Land Labs offers the most dependable radon testing on the market. Our 48-hour continuous radon monitors provide the most accurate and fastest test results available. Each monitor is calibrated and is exposed to an annual performance test to ensure accurate results. Our lead radon professional is a Licensed Environmental Health Specialist and certified to conduct radon testing by the National Radon Proficiency Program. We are a third party testing company that does not perform mitigation work.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is naturally occurring in rocks. When foundations are dug for homes or commercial buildings, the gas collects under the slab on the lowest level. The gas can seep through cracks and voids in the foundation and collect into the areas occupied by humans.

Thankfully, if radon is found at unsafe levels in occupied space, it can be removed by a radon mitigation system. Don’t wait to find out if you have radon in your home. Get your home tested for radon today. If you are buying a home, be sure to have the home tested before you buy.

Our Lab Director, Kevin Barnaba is certified to perform radon testing through the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST).

Disclosures & Agreements
Radon Non-Interference Agreement
Mold Sampling & Analysis


Home Land Labs (ID LAP-232343) is now accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA LAP, LLC) in the EMLAP accreditation program for the analyses of Fungal Spores by Air – Direct Examination & Surface – Direct Examination, as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate and associated Scope.

Please see AIHA LAP, LLC Accredited Laboratory Directory to view Home Land Labs current certificate and scope of accreditation.

Home Land Environmental offers mold inspection and sampling services in Maryland and Pennsylvania.